Whats Stronger Valium Or Clonazepam

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have made fame and fortune for many of the so-called

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table and her abdomen rapidly opened. The intestine

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6. Probably the most important factor is \ ^^^' Journal, October 1 and 15, 1 880,) has

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186. On •* Holt's Operation " for Stricture. Mr. James Spenee . . .206

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intestinal perforation and peritonitis was made, and under

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that a few days might be granted in order to give a

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symptoms associated with pus formation, such as rigors. Hamaturia and

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Instead of the abdominal muscles the dorsal muscles may

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a chronic course whereas the epidemio variety is almost without

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Diagnosis. — The direct diagnosis of typhus during epidemics ia

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are best treated by boring the acid into them with a glass rod, and

what type of drug is valium

effects of taking valium and xanax together

rapidly diminished, and subsequent introduction of the

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display an apparent activity which was really the expression

whats stronger valium or clonazepam

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St. Augustine, Fla. S. 0. 153, Department of the South,

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indeed, among the civil population, is the most usual form of injury to the

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Anti-icteroides serum reduces the mortality in yellow fever when

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is no doubt of their value in offering opportunities for scientific

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pathologists and physiologists, and yet it is constantly disregarded

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If he onl)'^ could inject a little life into his veins. — Independent.

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in amount. Her mental de|)ression h;is passed awav.

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of the cases. In a second paper Miller and Lusk* report 85 cases of

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It makes excellent reading, and is probably the best, most

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and hot fomentations relieve by attracting the blood away from

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with enlarged or diseased tonsils only. Decayed teeth showed little

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has similar qualities to those described, if hypertrophy of tlie heart be present.

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of bone and soft tissues— A clinicopathologic study of 66 patients. Cancer 1985;

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city in gynecology in the obstetric and gynecologic

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to be regarded rather as coincidences than of the intimate

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to fold over, as with other bandages, as it follows itself with equal umfornuty

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three varieties of cancer, namely, scirrhous, medullary, and colloid, are

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