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this is the same cliild reported by A. Cailld in the Transactions of the American Pediatric
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of Wenckebach, Th. Lewis, J. Mackenzie, Walter B. James, Lewellys F.
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an epoch in the history of the American medical profession
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In making a diagnosis it is necessary, of course, that the body
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nephritis might occur, and therefore does occur not infrequently, are
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9. — Barry gives an illustration of the extremely low con-
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retinal in origin, the former being much more common than the
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The modes of local treatment, as suggested by the va-
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cording as it comes from the larger or the smaller tubes or in other
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Partially preventable non-infective diseases . . . 17'63
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iron, because by it and its analogues we can impart
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No hcemorrhage had occurred, but genera! peritonitis h;id set
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wound healed M'ell, but feelde state of patient unequal to repairing so great a
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shown before the Koyal Society of Medicine by Dr. Hertz and
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resembles more — indeed one seems to have before him
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of the lungs or larynx. It is more painful than non - tuberculous
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demics there are irregular chills, and occasional sweats for the first
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time, as it is painful for some hours after application.
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chamber, as well as by the auriculo-ventricular continuity to the apex j and, by the excel-
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with five or six ounces of water. Of this mixture, two teaspoonsful are
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Careful microscopic investigations into the changes
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1731. We are there informed that the plant, in its-
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favorable symptoms; yet these tokens of recovery are found, not only
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cles, we always do so with the understanding that the following condi-
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toxic results as shown electrocardiographically was practically in-
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imperfect and defective, with a prospect of its trans-
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gestive of diphtheria. We have found many cases of Vincent's
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cicatrices any oftener since he has stopped emplojring these remedies,
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as yet but little known, the pathogenesis of which is involved iu
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costal cartilages with distinct muscular resistance, and the en-
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went to the Mayo Clinic were not operated upon. Many
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only when he avoids researches bearing directly upon diagnosis
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Meat, even red meat, should not be excluded, as no class of food-stuff is
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I should adopt the manufacture and sale of a so-called
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sometimes losing his self-control and cutting himself
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glands, aii<l there is a distinct tendency to the developraeiit of
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Expectorants are agents which aid expectoration. Ammonium
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but it does not detach membranes or shorten the duration of the disease,
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of the conviction of Evan Thomas, at Liverpool, for per-
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