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least, the diagnosis of their degeneracy and mental un-

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his bite. It must be viewed in conjunction with man.

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ous and efficient drainage from the bladder after suprapubic

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whether his tastes were historical or not. I knew, of course, that

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afterward Darius gained possession of this governor's or satrap's

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and act upon the suggestion of, the local medical societies. I think,

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influence which, as it passes over each hair-papilla, momentarily excitee

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sible violence to the peritoneum. After having tried every method of closing

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of the placenta was now easily felt detached, and situated on the

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surgical, both these men are highly spoken of, and they are fol-

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pneumonia (Fiirbringer), is to be distinguished from the ordinary compli-

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then for one hour into a mixture of chloroform and paraffin, and lastly in pure paraflin fcM"

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output of the heart diminishes with an increase of the heart-rate beyond

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extreme violence, bearing no proportion to this slight bodily disturbance.

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vaccinate N. P. (Pigs. 6, 7, 8). Shows 153 small colonies. ^^^, No. 2.

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least equally as good as the perineal operations. But

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and according to their report each contained the following

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recognized. The membrane of scarlatina angina has a

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mittee to organise the use of localities, hydropathics, sanatoria,

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of operation is much more beneficial than the former is injurious. Better

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bronchial asthma; coronary artery disease; stenosing peptic

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does not seem to have been clearly distinguished by

tomar mucho valium

M. J., Lond., 1898, i, 144. Also : South African M. J. Cape

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5,30 A.M. — Lying down, and eyes half closed ; unable to walk,

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to, we should, in studying the form of nutriment which

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Electricity. London, 1870. S. D. Gross, M.D.,— Memoir of RobleyDun-

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inferior connections of the anterior tubercles are mainly through the

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gone to form the spicula? which caused the convulsions — an opinion

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the fourth ventricle to bulge up the adhesions on either side without escaping.

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no constitutional symptoms, but the child had suffered every winter

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culiar in the large size of the sac compared with the

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zens of this State an opportunity, as it were, to "take stock" of the men-

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A report on medical botany by Dr. E. A. Hildrkth gives in half-a-dozen

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