Can Strattera Cause High Blood Pressure

as certain countries may present more frequently than otners the con-
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often very perceptible in the breath. Moreover, as is well
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had been sufficient to awaken suspicion and justify the inquiries set
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chest wall almost throughout its whole extent, and also to the
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and of cultural material from several sources, together with confer-
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audis, or Juno tnctna ftr opem. The General Medical Council also, we
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pages before appeared the signature of Alexander von Humboldt, the
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vicissitudes of 96 years, was carried off by this pestilence, which nothing
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Eppinger, Falta, and Rudinger^ have carried on important researches
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Dear Sir : — Under the above title Dr. II. C. May,
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GJW^ 170 l\ U \ the part t0 which the P la ^ta been
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9. Bokai: Experimentelle Beitriige zur Kenntnis cler Darnibewegungen, Arch.
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Some doctors say, “Do you mean to tell me that you tell
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language of his household ; he was quite familiar with
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The objection to cod-liver oil lies in its taste and general defectiveness of the
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solution being neutralized. In many cases the extracts were made
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one twenty-fifth of an inch) in thickness can be passed
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due to a lesion of the motor part of the peristaltic arc which
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noticed some distance into the tissues. The wound of exit appears
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Sinus irregularities are due to vagal disturbances and occur
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Supplementary Mammoi. — A case (jf this rare anomaly is related by Dr. II. E.
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are firmly compressed as an ordinary catch forceps and left to
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cle \ in. The left auriculo-ventricular opening was only large enough
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shall have editorial responsibility. I am unable to set forth
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Cases are on record making all these facts clear. Neurologists
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here and there by bands of adhesion, assumes a grayish color, and
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temporibus. ?> Liquoris Acetatis Amfnonice, Aqua Fontanel, singulorum,
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restored to health. A similar result was obtained in the

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