apathy of the Board in providing accommodation for persons
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so-called " surgical scarlet fever." It has been proved, I
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cells which supply the affected muscles acquire a habit of discharging
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mental action both depend upon similar modes of neural action ; some-
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There is great thirst. The conjunctivae are markedly suffused, be-
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is exercised on the blood-current by the chemical pro-
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tioned exceptions. He had learned by former mistakes not to
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prevails more at certain times, it is rarely present to so great a degree
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and the other the posterior surface of reversed flap it-
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but it becomes chronic. It is therefore a variety of chronic pleuritis. The
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and the middle finger of the left hand, were purplish and
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At the end of two or three days after injection of turpentine,
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Dr. Williams describes ten cases of this form of ulcerative keratitis, and the
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and honor, but to labor assiduously to become qualified accepta-
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disposition, or to a morbid imagination, as some declare.
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with violent pains, first in the elbow and directly after-
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named methods that we owe this advance. Thus we have proved that
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by Dochez to be generally prolonged during the acute stage of lobar
made examination of sputum, and found tubercle bacilli.

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