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stances, been called, under these circumstances, to determine whether life

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The book is written in the characteristic vigorous style of its able and versatile author. —

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during its continuance: when the rain or snow begins to fall,

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poisoning. This is a useful item for the public to keep

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Bache on influence of solitary confinement on health, 145

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apothecaries. That it may in some instances arrest the progress '

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the patient passed a quiet night. The internal remedy consisted

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specimen of simple hypertroph}', not referable to any obvious cause, and

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tionable whether, in so grave an affection as acute peritonitis, we are fully

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left the intestines, the opportunity^ of destroying or expelling them has

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other nervous affections. Air may be swallowed in large quantity, as it

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undue depression of the powers of life, it ma}' be given and continued

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to intestinal obstruction. They enter, also, into the functional affection

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the blood which render it strong or weak. The chyle enters

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^ Sleeplessness, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Headache, Convulsions, Z

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these cavities, and that it should be eliminated, neutralized, or decomposed

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to this form of dropsy. The dropsy in these cases is due to obstruction

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The remote evil consequences of endocarditis proceed from the thicken-

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considered b3^ patients to be rheumatic or neuralgic. The}- possess con-

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accidental complications, which so frequently attend cancerous

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this cause. Cases have been reported in which life was lost from hemor-

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much occupied with the means of subduing inflammation, as to overlook

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at times the paroxysms of dyspnoea would be so severe as even

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does not take place in inspiration, and obstruction during the inspiratory

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