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portant to note, iiowever, that occasionally ^hen dilatation is in advance
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and cervix repaired; hysteropexy. January, 1013: Perfectly well; no pain or discomfort.
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chloride solution for a few minutes. With one or two
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The prejudice against the use of caustics is in our pro-
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of typhoid fever. Boston M. & S. J., 1889, cxxi, 304.—
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during the day in this manner was very considerable. The exhaustion pre-
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techniques. A minimum of one month of training is necessary for the more
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viz., "Effective as a preventive for pneumonia," and "We
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respective jurisdictions narrowed, or superintendents should
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explanation, namely, that the hemorrhage occurs first, and the membranes
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able standard is employed as the unit of all measures,
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of a possible infectious origin of his disease, but the source of this infection
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The ends of the tendons had been united by sutures, with ex-
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Further, that it is a disease associated with dirt and that it may
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Constitution of Phthisical Persons when in Health. 23
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Surg. Reporter, Phila., 1896, Ixxv, 225-230. — Xumelra
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sounds between each heart beat as he listened at the apex.
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The meningococcus is not a "microaerophile." It grows equally
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tions of the cavities or ventricles, front and back, which from their shape
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1901. Actual Numbers and Rate per 10,000 per annum.
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ence in its losses by death. Within about a week of one an-
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excision. It sometimes happens after amputation that we
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found to be a typical case of Typho Malarial fever, or what is generally
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satisfactorily accomplished. We believe that the medi-
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sound, and the cardiac hypertrophy Mill indicate nephritis.
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chamber in warm water — Kelly's latest pattern provided for this.
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The author has drawn from all the latest and best text-books, and if
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use of 3£ ounces of Hansen's rennet extract and 2£ pounds of salt per
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those of the brain that the causes of exhaustion through
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who was present, was somewhat peculiar. An enlargement
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pletely oxidized to a mixture of benzoic acid and benzoyl acetyl peroxide
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proval that night, and a physician sent the next morning
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many of our members believe that our respectability bas not been in-
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parts of the same as may be otherwise unprovided for; (2) sanitary
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may extend for some distance above the part involved by the cancerous
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her occupation. Recent reports of her health are not quite so
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more likely to lead to satisfactory results : Coagulation of the fluid
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about. Is it that we are so much worse sinners against
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The patient was deeply anaesthetized under ether. The staff
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which continued to grow. Her health began to fail, and in spite of
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to render it impossible that the husband could be the father. 2ndly, there
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standing in functional relation with the skin, will be produced nutritive

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