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ployed to reduce the oxidation-reduction potential of

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wise healthy, with the exception of severe attacks of asthma, which

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fluid on the surface of a chocolate glucose agar slant that is

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mitted by a 1-cm layer of glass or other transmitting medium, the

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"rigor mortis" slight. Opening up the abdominal cavity re-

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He was the projector of the Portland horse-railroad and its first president, and at

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in Man, National Institute of Health Bulletin No. 180, U. S.

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skim-milk, appears to be more potent for mischief than fresh milk. It

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potential carrier is touched with a sterile cotton swab,

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tions. In heart disease the vital capacity is of practical value

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This is a subject that has been much neglected, but at the

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after the fifth day of disease usually contains agglu-

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could be attained. These conditions are : the universality of the

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scriptions palatable and agreeable, and, as a means to this end,

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rubber tube; after insertion the capsule is dislodged by pushing

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is planted at the bottom of the slants in the water of

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2. Tannish-brown colony, penetrating to crack medium.

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At the conclusion of the autopsy all excess fluid should be re-

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to the Out-patient Department complaining of dyspnea, edema

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centrations are then equal, and the relative amounts of the colored

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c. Pour the inoculated agar into a sterile Petri dish, agitate the

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process of typhus and the other a complication, namely, typhus

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when a true disciple of Hahnemann's had the audacity to stand

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adhesions at the apex were so firm that the pleura was torn

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bromo-chloralum spray instead of the myro-petroleum. It will

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steam, and open the outside exhaust valve. At the first

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cases the temperature is usually high, probably about 104°, and the

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the type and structure of the tissue remain unaltered ; in hyperplasia there is a

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liberal and the conservative parties in the old school. The field

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for idiocy increased one hundred and fifty per cent. That this in-

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1 ml of blood serum into the solution, allowing the serum

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(2) Development of color to measure free sulfonamide. To

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and several interesting papers were read. He announced a meet-

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during severe epidemics has been clearly proven to be superior

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late Fluid Medium). It is made in accordance with the

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