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{From the Department of Pathology of The Johns Hopkins Hospital
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i.nless «hen .such poisonous substances as camphor, chloral hydrate or
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surgical and hospital equipment and medicines. Special-
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the cell, but that they are the result of diflEerential changes of the sur-
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Carcinoma of the Pleura with Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy. Report
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late at night have been unable to secure attendance
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expense of conducting this organization is divided among the packing
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teen. A total of eighty-six establishments were in-
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immune globulin for modification of measles was not
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Ten counties in the northern part of the State and three in the
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6. During the period of the development of the method, the cells were
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Vanderbilt University Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee.
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mitted. Footnotes, bibliographies and legends for cuts
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the post-mortem table, and marks one of the great epochs in medicine.
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lesions are visible. One of these Is a small yellow nodule, 2 mm. In diameter,
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surroundings and they began to grow more readily. Although this
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ever-increasing nxmibers for its value in fundamental medical educa-
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squeezed out. La addition, every heart was mechanically squeezed free
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like that of the adrenal glands. The disappearance of sugar was
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to compare with the x-ray of January 3. Note the great amount
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tion of the primary tumor of the large bowel is, of
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24 hours before being used. One may, in some cases, secure beautifully
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classified as such, if hy abdominal heart is meant strictly one that, in whcde
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these observations point to the likely influence of
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<dusions that eoiild help ns in the treatment of hiniian cases. The en-
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stantly moving arms on a so-called ** Ferris wheel,** which elevates the pig from the pen
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L ^ ^ In clinical tests proved SAFE for 98% / EXCLUSIVELY BY
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formal meeting. However, the Executive Secretary has
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inafter given. One of these certificates and the duplicate copy of the permit shall be
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associated pathological changes in the A. V. fibers. We now know that
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animal. Perusal of the official regulations concerning the method of procedure with the

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