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this new growth was so situated as to interfere with the
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can be returned to the stable; he struggles to rise, but
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that organ up and fix it, rendered a difficult task possible.
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made as to' the possibility of a foreign body having l)een
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of Quinine. By W. J. Moore, of the Bombay Medical Service.
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depends, can compel reform in every Institution, throughout the
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examination. I cannot recall any work in which a sys-
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says Dr. Moore, ** are equal to five or six times that amount by the
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to a considerable depth. It also deposits larvse in the
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acter of the cerebellar symptoms alone ; dependence
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urea, in shock it is a retention of the residual ni-
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thinks advisable. In the direction of this treatment great
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should always have their mouths tied tightly shut by
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produced by external violence, although, in rare cases,
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testinal worms in dogs, and especially the round -worms,
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Prevention of A«iftiic Cholera. By K. M.«8now, M. D. (From the Anthor.)
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suffice to repeat : "For the most part, then, the re-
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and various other deformities of the brain or spinal
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While then, all are seeking, at the present time, to guard their
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apparently was an earher thing, and then the sensory
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variety of food, exercise and free surroundings. In
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rhage, and he would deem it a duty to stitch the cervix
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of the great American pill, discover that the somer-
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recently published, which were carried out by Aberhalden
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It includes the medical statistics of the war, with an
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In most cases the dark spot is a collection of blood
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uid would have been a very admirable application, but for the ten-
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Fraunhdfer, find others following him, thought that the light
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