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as high as 400 million gonococci with 2,000 million

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became established, the full effect of the drug be-

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tion, attended with exudation, or slight ulceration, to the air

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of influenza produced a similar result with diarrhea

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our teaders a few extracts connected with two of the most un-

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the instruction of helpless cripples should be car-

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solution of methylene blue. 3. Mass excision of the

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Many curious affections, such as immobility of the eyeball,

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The causes of bleeding other than ulcer were easily

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medical college of the State, who is certified by a judge to be

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is interesting to note that in a number of instances

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minds of the profession. Therefore, there is all the

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Meckel, a specialist in diseases of nutrition, discusses

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otherwise a pit will persist and a second operation

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stage, in expelling the child with safety to both ; and therefore,

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of rib had filled up the wound of the heart, and thus prevented

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repeated sputum examinations are desirable in order

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distance upon the stomach. It is desirable that the

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can be advertised in the factories by means of pla-

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in the knee, in disease of the hip joint, is dependent on irrita-

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to a process purely muscular ; it would appear more reasonable

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physician testified that the uterus was " displaced," and that

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case is one of functional aphonia 1 remove the mir-

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of 1794 to the time of the report in 1820 we find the following

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pathist for advice, who prescribed the medicine, which to him

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city, is not sufficient to produce the hav fever at-

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tional radiation and forced feeding were indicated.

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Medical Psychology, Cornell University Medical School.

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larly in the affections of mucous membranes, its effect is to bring* on

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efTort to move the facial muscles had always proven

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a biological chcmiotactic tissue reaction. The larvae

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