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the basis of my evidence at the magisterial investigation, were — 1. That

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• Written from notes taken by T. M. Townsend, M.D., of a clinical lecture de-

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length in Dr. Lee's published article in the Transactions.

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the eyeball, as regards lateral movements ; it can neither be turned inward

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defendants to prove precisely what were the circum-

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posing cause, in my opinion, is the breeding in and

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metres long, which he introduces in the straight direction

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;jruns through its stages rapidly. As a general rule putrefaction is not set up

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initials of the officer or physician who signs the report and initials

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Side effects are typically minor and short-lived and in-

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mary croup. > Medical Registrar to the Hospital: —

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How Supplied. Antiminth is available as a pleasant tasting caramel-flavored

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mors from the bladder. Most vesicle tumors are benign, and

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excessive amount of adipose tissue. On section the diminution in the size

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the evidence for determining for or against an operation

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in the lower extremities. It occasionally happens that rigidity and

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the disease, but may occur at any time during the secondary or tertiary

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Dr. W. T. Jenkins introduced the guest of the even-

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trated, or diffused in the interspaces and cavities of the tissues

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presented nothing of special interest. On removing the

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tion on account of its other accompaniments ; but as far as

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Fourteen of the 63 correspondents left the question not

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a case in which the injection })roduced a .severe spread-

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-spontaneously in the course of ascites is not only not curative, but is diffi-

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not true granulations, like those of other leukocytes. In lymphatic

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The calomel treatment of cholera stands foremost, from

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assistant curator in charge of the Division of Anthropology, United

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application around the limb, is drawn out to its fullest size. In the centre of

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If kept secluded in warm buildings sheep may be shorn in mid-

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I bad cases may remain unpublished, still the evidence is

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