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R.V. = 6-12, and that the opacities in the vitreous had
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of the nature of a virus, nor a miasm generated within the bodies of cho-
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ity to retain the bodily heat and in summer to prevent rapid evap-
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Wc find in the same nerve-trunk fine and coarse dark-
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periodica, gastrosiicchorrhoea continua chronica, and digestive gastro-
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the correctness of the hospital statistics in rela-
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bellar hemisphere was slightly lacerated where it rests upon the
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lives in the service, four of them having been killed in battle. A number
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a female subject, a large ulcer occupied the lower wall of the
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but of rather lanky appearance and pigeon-breasted.
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entire closure of the urethra ; but by slightly depressing the
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obtaining a qualification to practise. In some Unions
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outflow caused by pressure of the enlarged ciliary body upon
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of a truth, the most simple and yet the most potent in the realms of
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is short, dry, hacking and infrequent or suppressed as much as
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even then to decline the responsibilities until he feels willing to run all
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in arteritis umbilicalis the inflammation extends along the hypogastric
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the same time, it will be advisable for those mtending to
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experiment of his own in the hypodermic injection of
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mentia is present. Special pharmacologic considerations
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it very difficult to decide this question. Sometimes he
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instance, there is the question of whether one should give scopolamine
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Such a system as this, if it be carried out, would in a generation
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cision. Fixation to the abdominal wall has been most frecjuently
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source, is in the present case great indeed, for I behold around me the members of a
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chronic. The physical basis is the cortical degeneration, which is pro-
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drank some liquid. Some small Wackish linear markings
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begun and dilatation advanced. Its association with premature labor should
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the chemical liquid each time after using. A quantity of the
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Art. 13. Malignant Pusttile in the United States. By Dr. A. N. Bell, of

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